Strategic Issues for Global Business

With an ever-growing number of industries becoming global in scope, managers are being increasingly challenged to manage strategies within a global perspective. Strategic Issues for Global Business seeks to provide students with the skills, knowledge, and sensitivity required to attain and maintain sustainable competitive advantage within a global environment. The course will adopt a strategic perspective and will highlight the following topics from this perspective: the motivation of going global; the competitive context in which companies operate in global industries; the characteristics of global, multi-domestic, and transnational strategies; the unique challenges of globalization in knowledge-intensive industries; and the globalization of emerging market firms. Case studies used in the course will help you develop your analytical and decision skills and also highlight the reality of environmental uncertainties influencing decision-making in the global context. Cases also seek to develop your capacity to identify issues, to reason carefully through various options, and to improve your ability to manage the organizational process by which decisions get formed and executed. In addition to case analyses, we will also read and discuss recent articles from the business press and academic journals on issues relevant to operating in a global context. Thus, students will develop historical and current, theoretical and practical, perspectives on operating in a global context.