Curriculum Overview

The MBA@Rice curriculum is designed to help you develop and apply foundational and advanced business skills in the context of modern business challenges. You will learn to apply functional knowledge like financial accounting and data analysis, as well as interpersonal skills such as managerial leadership and negotiations, to real-world scenarios.

In each 11-week term, you will take courses totaling up to six credits. The first year will consist of all core courses, and the second year will feature a combination of core and elective courses.

Exams will be held during the final week of each semester. You are required to complete 54 total credits including 36 core credits, 10.5 elective credits, 4.5 credits of Field Experiences, at least 1 MBA@Rice Residential (3 Credits) and 1 Global Field Experience (GFE=1.5 Credits), and 3 additional credits of either electives or MBA@Rice Residentials.

10-Week Core Courses

Core courses for MBA@Rice include both full- and part-term courses. Below is a breakdown of all required 10-week, full-term, 3-credit courses.

10-week Core Courses
Course Code Course Title Credits
MGMT 501 Financial Accounting 3
MGMT 543 Finance 3
MGMT 580 Marketing 3
MGMT 595 Data Analysis 3
MGMT 621 New Enterprise 3
MGMT 799 Capstone 3

5-Week Core Courses

The following 5-week, 1.5-credit core courses are also required and can be taken concurrently with full-term core courses:

5-week Core Courses
Course Code Course Title Credits
MGMT 502 Managerial Accounting 1.5
MGMT 510 Organizational Behavior 1.5
MGMT 540 Managerial Economics 1.5
MGMT 560 Corporate Responsibility 1.5
MGMT 541 Economic Environment of Business 1.5
MGMT 561 Business-Government Relations 1.5
MGMT 570 Competitive Strategy 1.5
MGMT 571 Strategy: Formulation and Implementation 1.5
MGMT 574 Operations 1.5
MGMT 592 Strategic Business Communication I 1.5
MGMT 708 Leadership 1.5
MGMT 709 Negotiations 1.5
MGMT 721 Business Law 1.5

Elective Courses

Starting in the second year of the program, students will choose from a range of elective courses that focus on building specialized skills in areas such as finance, marketing, strategy and entrepreneurship.

Some elective courses will span 10 weeks while others will be 5 weeks in length. Students are required to complete a total of at least 10.5 credits of electives during their time in the program.

Elective courses are subject to change by cohort. Select a course from the following to see a description and the date it is expected to be available.

Elective Courses
Course Title Credits
Corporate Investment Policy 1.5
Futures and Options 1.5
Geopolitics of Energy 1.5
Mergers and Acquisitions 1.5
Pricing Strategies 1.5
Financial Statement Analysis 3

Field Experiences (MBA@Rice Residentials/GFEs)

Throughout your time as a student, you are required to complete at least two Field Experience courses—one MBA@Rice Residential and one international Global Field Experience (GFE). MBA@Rice Residentials consist of a variety of simulations, seminars, group projects and guided leadership exercises that bring you face to face with peers, faculty and industry leaders. MBA@Rice Residentials are frequently held on the Rice University campus in Houston, Texas.

GFEs are a part of our Jones Educational Global Experience (Jones EdGE) that includes optional seminars, intersessions and study abroad opportunities hosted throughout the program to diversify your perspective and enhance your business skill set.

You also have the option to take up to one additional MBA@Rice Residential or two GFEs in place of two 1.5-credit electives. You may not take the same Field Experience more than once.

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