Duysal Askun Celik,

Lecturer in Management – Organization Behavior

Dr. Duysal Aşkun Çelik is a Full Professor of Organizational Behavior and Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Professor Aşkun Çelik has been teaching as a university professor in different universities and capacities since 2007. She’s been teaching courses for graduate and undergraduate students of Business, Psychology, Communication, Management and MBA. Among the various courses she teaches, we can list Strategic Management, Cross cultural theories of leadership, Organizational behavior, Human resources management, Management of human capital and leading teams, Industrial/organizational psychology (theory & applied), Cross-cultural psychology, Research methods (including applied), Business communication, and Current topics in business. Prof. Askun Celik has been teaching at Gabelli School of Business (Fordham U) since 2018 and she is also currently teaching at Baruch College (CUNY), New York City College of Technology (CUNY) and Rutgers Business School (Rutgers U).

Among her many paths of career, may be the most important one is entrepreneurship. Aşkun Çelik started her own small business back in 2004 while she was still a doctorate student and an employee. Initially having started working with individuals, Professor Aşkun Çelik expanded her services that included training and consulting programs, recruitment services, business intelligence consultancy, performance appraisal program development, leadership, competency and talent management. Since she started practicing corporate training as a freelancer in 2002, she has developed her training experience and skills by delivering wide range of services from her own company, Smart Solutions (www.smartsolutionsgroupusa.com). Through Smart Solutions, Professor Aşkun Çelik designed and implemented several training and development programs for leading companies of their industries. The industries she has extensive experience with can be listed as FMCG, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Finance, Energy, Construction, Manufacturing, IT, and PR/Media. Some of her client companies are Nestlé, Novartis, IKEA, Unilever, KPMG, IFC (International Finance Corporation), Dyno Nobel, Qatar Gas and Qatar Petroleum. Since one of the core competencies of her company is recruitment and selection, Aşkun Çelik worked with some of the world’s largest construction firms (Polimeks #42; Astaldi #47 to name a few) which are listed in the ENR’s top contractor’s list.

In 2017, Professor Aşkun Çelik started a business incubator project while consulting Starcamp to launch bootcamp and accelerator programs in Silicon Valley. In 2016 & 2017, she has spent majority of her time in Palo Alto, California to help organize training programs that included modules for idea generation & product development, user experience, go to market strategy, investor pitch and venture capital investments. As a co-organizer, she has successfully completed two cohorts. In addition, Prof. Aşkun Çelik serves as an entrepreneurship mentor for young entrepreneurs enrolled in the HUG incubator project (in association with the NYU) by Hamdi Ulukaya-Founder and the CEO of Chobani.

Apart from her entrepreneurship role, Professor Aşkun Çelik frequently conducts research in the area of organizational behavior. Her articles were published in highly reputable journals such as Management Research Review, European Management Review, and Journal of Business Ethics. She is also a member of the Academy of Management, Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and American Psychological Association. She has been a co-editor of two books, and she has authored two books in the area of I/O Psychology and Personal Development. For many years, she has been serving as a reviewer for reputable journals in the field of social sciences such as Employee Relations, Social Indicators Research and International Journal of Conflict Management.

While being in the world of business for many years, Professor Aşkun Çelik has always been involved in volunteer work starting with Yalova (Turkey) Earthquake victims in 1999. In 2007, she has taken a group project for United Nations Population Fund that targeted Domestic violence against women.  Between the years of 2004-2012, she has served Humanity’s Team, a global nonprofit, as a global leader. She has recruited volunteers and built teams worldwide, while organizing many global conferences around the world. She has organized global meetings in Istanbul (Turkey), Normandy (France), New York (Nyc, Bard College and Monroe), Los Altos Hills (California), Portland (Oregon), and Kyoto (Japan). Through the Rapid Alignment Workshop with the Adizes Institute, she has become actively involved in Adizes Worldwide leadership training programs. In the year of 2013, she has taken part in FCB Barcelona social responsibility project where many young and disadvantaged students took soccer training in FCB Escola camp.

Professor Aşkun Çelik started her career as a sales trainee and then a business analyst at Colgate Palmolive. This experience of the real world of business in the FMCG sector combined with her background in Psychology led her to pursue a PhD degree in Organizational behavior field. During her doctorate study, Aşkun Çelik worked as a psychologist and a trainer for Acibadem Health Group which enlists the services of Harvard Medical Group and is in cooperation with Massachusetts General Hospital. As part of her role at the health group, Aşkun Çelik has worked with numerous individuals and families while also has trained many hospital staff and nurses. During her employment, she has carried out an extensive training and consulting program with the call center agents which has been a topic of her PhD thesis later. As part of her doctorate thesis, she has worked with 8 call centers, their managers and agents from industries such as banking, white consumer goods, consumer electronics, insurance, health care and telecommunications.