JeanCarlo (JC) Bonilla

Lecturer in Management – Marketing

JC Short BioJeanCarlo (J.C) Bonilla has over 20 years of blended experience in data science for highereducation. At NYU, he has managed multiple recruitment, admissions, and academic servicesinitiatives. Currently, JC serves as the Chief Data Scientist & Head of Customer Success atElement451, where he leads the “intelligent admissions” practice across 60+ universities. Thispractice consists of the deployment of machine learning and predictive modeling technology forenrollment management, building advanced analytics use cases and supporting insightgeneration capabilities for all schools. In addition, JC is a Faculty member at NYU, where heteaches Business Analytics.

JC Bonilla holds and Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering and a Ph.D. inTechnology Management from New York University.

Research Interest: data orchestration and streams, applied data science, and behavioral analytics.